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...only the people that usually reside in the UK and are in Spain on holiday or for a temporary stay have the right to use the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) issued by the UK to access state healthcare in Spain?

If you need more information about the use of the EHIC as a tourist in Spain, or want to ensure that you and your family have full access to state healthcare in Spain as residents, keep on reading...

How the EHIC works

Who is entitled to the UK EHIC?

What cover does the EHIC give you?

What is medically-necessary treatment?

Can I use it to see a private doctor?

What if I want to travel to Spain just to get treatment?

What if I'm pregnant and want to give birth in Spain?
If you mainly live in Spain
If you mainly live in Spain and are outside any of the situations mentioned above, you must register for state healthcare in another way to make sure you are fully protected. This can include choosing to be treated as a private patient.

UK State Pensioner/Insured Person
If you are a UK State pensioner/insured person with a registered S1/E121 in Spain, the UK EHIC is only for use outside of Spain when on holiday within the European Union.

Travel Insurance
Always take out comprehensive travel insurance when travelling with your EHIC.
If you need to go to the local health centre or nearest public hospital during your stay, don't forget to take your EHIC and passport with you.

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